Breast Care

breast care tipsNeck and breast care is extremely important, but often forget about it. Wrongly, because a beautiful neckline is an asset of every woman, not to mention the bust. Time is not kind, so the upper body skin to intensively moisturise and ujędrniać.

Neck and breast care should be our daily duty. And this at a young age, it is easier to prevent premature sagging of the skin, than fight with the consequences later. So how do you take care of these parts of the body?

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Care neckline and bust – advice:

  • Moisturize and oils – lead to dry skin on the neck leads to sagging, so daily use olives, butter or lotion. Preparations rub gentle movements so as not to stretch the skin. Creams designed for breast care can lubricate the shoulders, neck or use a body lotion with nourishing and tension properties.
  • Use sunblock – the fastest tan in the summer of our arms, hands and neck is. As long as we are young, tan look very appetizing, but over the years you can see the consequences of sun tanning and skin becomes limp and wrinkled. There is only one way we can prevent this from happening – high neckline lubricating filters.
  • Follow masks – are available in drugstores masks designed specifically for use on the décolleté and bust. You can also use homemade concoction. Mask works well with grated apples that keep the breasts for half an hour.
  • Take a cold shower – directing a stream of cool water on the breasts is beneficial for its firmness. In order not to catch a cold, use alternating winter and warm running water.
  • Exercise – regular exercise for upper body will help in maintaining the firmness of the skin.

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